Manda L. Danieleski


I charge a $300 consultation fee for all employment related cases. This is typically the only amount you will pay out-of-pocket for my time. If I agree to take your case, the typical fee arrangement is a 1/3 contingency fee.

Personal injury consultations are free of charge.

Unemployment matters are handled at an hourly rate of $250 or I can do a flat fee agreement to handle the matter through the Administrative Law Judge hearing.

General business and other matters are handled at my hourly rate.

Retail Humiliation

Have you been treated like a criminal by a retail establishment? Has a retail establishment painted you in a false light or falsely imprisoned you? Were you detained without cause? Were you a victim of discrimination or racial profiling? Call me, I can help.

Unemployment Compensation

I can assist you with your UIA claim. Have you been disqualified for benefits? Call me IMMEDIATELY. You only have a 30 day window to protest. I will handle your UIA claim all the way through the administrative law judge hearing stage for a flat fee of $500. In 2013, I have successfully appealed and obtained UIA benefits for multiple clients who had been wrongfully disqualified and denied benefits.

Have you been assessed a fraud penalty? Quadruple restitution is a significant issue for UIA claimants. I can help. In 2013, I have reversed two fraud findings saving my clients in access of $40,000 in penalty assessments. I will appeal your primary claim and handle your fraud appeal for a flat fee of $750.